3 Little Known Tips for Buying a Birthday Gift

Be honest- are you one of those people who waits to the very last minute to buy a birthday gift? Me too. Let’s just say that both of our lives are so busy that we usually don’t have time until the last minute to do the shopping that we need to. Fear not: the advent of the internet revolution allows a lot more flexibility and now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Ecommerce allows 24 hour real time shopping for your favorite merchandise (including birthday gifts). Here are 3 strategies to getting a great birthday gift at a good price.

1) Comparisons can do you well. Once you settle on a birthday gift, run it through the search engines to make sure you are getting a deal. I’ve literally saved up to 60% on some items just by picking it out from one merchant and then doing a price comparison from other merchants. Not all birthday gifts are priced the same (even if they are identical).

2) Search engines are your friend. All of them. If you are like the majority of the internet crowd (including myself), Google is where you search for everything. And most of the time, it is excellent. However, the merchants optimizing their sites for high Google rankings are numerous and competition is fierce for the top spots. Just because a site has the top spot on Google, doesn’t mean that that is the best website for what you are looking for. Try Yahoo and MSN. On a lot of occasions I’ve found better merchandise (including birthday gifts) on Yahoo and MSN search. I’m not sure why, it just adds to the selection of stuff I’m looking for. You are the birthday gift shopper, look around to all the engines for a variety of results.


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3) Know how to look for a unique birthday gift. You can look all you want for birthday gifts, but if yours’ is the same as everyone else’s, you might come out looking a little funny or gasp!…even…uncreative. In fact, points #1 and #2 are completely irrelevant if you end up with the same gift as everyone else. Learn how to look for a unique gift and stand out from the crowd.


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