Acne Skin Care And Treatment Products – Are They Worth It

Many wonder if acne skin care and treatment products are necessary for problem skin. The answer is, possibly! Some of the products that you should buy include:

1. An oil free moisturizer, oil free foundation and an oil free make up remover.

2. A soap-less cleansing bar and a facial wash gel. Soap should not be used on your face because it will strip natural oils away and that will leave you with sensitive skin on top of the acne problem.


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3.If persistent blackheads and greasy skin are your issue then you should use a gel or lotion that contains retinoid.

4. If your skin is sensitive and you have blackheads a retinoid cream should be used because a gel or lotion may aggravate the situation.

Unless you find out what is causing the acne,it won’t matter which type of product you use because the underlying problem is not cured. Adult acne could be diet related. In the non westernized world, adult acne is rare and recent studies are trying to find out the reason why it is becoming so prevalent with adults in western society. The effect of a fad diet on your skin is one of the theories that is gaining some momentum.

A vast majority of experts believe that a weight loss plan that excludes certain food groups is best to be avoided. A boost of intake, of foods that are rich in selenium, such as cheese, eggs, Brazil nuts, poultry and meat is said to be beneficial.

Selenium will boost the immune function that is critical in the fight of infection that can cause acne to be difficult to cure.

Vitamin C is beneficial in healing wounds and will reduce the risk of scarring that is associated with an acne breakout.Some foods that are rich in vitamin C are cantaloupe, blueberries,kiwi and broccoli.

Zinc is a critical component in building a bodies defense system. Zinc helps to repair cells and tissue as well as fight infection. Before you decide to take a zinc supplement, make sure to discuss that option with your doctor because too much zinc could be toxic. An alternative is to increase your intake of whole grain, seeds, nuts and shellfish.


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People who have a skin problem are more likely to be touching their face quite a bit. Did you know that? If you do that, you need to stop because it spreads the infection. If you can feel a pimple coming on, try this tip: rub a piece of apple on the spot. Pour some boiled water over a piece of sliced apple and leave it to cool down.

While the apple is still warm, apply it to the spot for about 20 minutes.Wipe the area dry with some cotton. If your forehead is prone to acne, tie your hair back from your face before going to sleep. The styling products that you use and the excess oil in your hair maybe causing the problem. If you have bangs this can especially be true.

By using the above tips and any acne skin care and treatment product, you are bound to see a more successful acne treatment.


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