Child Safety Pool Fence

Drowning is often the cause of children’s death. According to several recent surveys, it ranks fourth of the leading causes of death to children under the age of five. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in fact, had estimated 260 children under five drown each year in residential swimming pools and spas. Aside from this, another 3,000 children under the same age are treated in hospitals and clinics following the submersion accidents, and this number has rapidly increased with more and more pools and spas built in residences.

However, it is important to note and understand that it is not actually the establishment of pools that contribute a great part to the risks. What truly counts is the degree of safety and attention provided to the child. Accidents occur anywhere at home, not just on pools. But if the pool is the major area where your child loves to stay near, it is necessary for you to put up a child safety pool fence.

The child safety pool fence is basically designed as a safety barrier. Many have considered it as the best form of child safety item that any home can have. The child safety pool fence is growing in popularity with more and more people recognizing how effective it is for preventing the risks of drowning. It was in fact noted by several reviews that the child safety pool fence is by far the most practical and effective barrier against pool drowning.


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The concept for using a child safety pool fence is so simple. It is only based on the idea of isolating your pool from your home and eliminating the toddler’s access to the water. However, the problem now emerged as to what kind of pool fence to install. As a matter of fact, the child safety pool fence comes in a number of types.

Well, that’s not a big problem to be worried though. What experts commonly suggest is to use child safety pool fences provide an easy access for you to go inside and outside the pool. You should install something that doesn’t require you to open the pool fence just to go out of a screen enclosure door or into your backyard. The reason behind this is that there is a great possibility that these openings will be left open for whatever reason, giving your child the chance to enter into it and subject himself to risks without being aware of it.

It is also a wise idea to choose a child safety pool fence that is built see through, with polyester mesh mounted on aluminum or fiberglass support poles. However, make sure that the fence is placed into the aluminum or plastic sleeves installed on your deck. The bottom border of the fence should be flushed to the deck, preventing your child from pushing under. It is necessary to keep the child safety pool fence secured in place in bilateral tension.

So check if such feature is included for installation.


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