Homeopathy Remedies – The Case For

Many people, disillusioned and disgruntled with conventional medical practices and medicines, have begun to seek out homeopathy remedies to help them manage and treat all manner of medical conditions and diseases. However, before jumping in and opting for homeopathy it is best to have an understanding about just what homeopathy is and how it differs from conventional medicine.

Homeopathy plainly put, is using like for like to treat. That means if a patient presents with insomnia, then coffee – what we traditionally consider to be one of the a reasons for insomnia, is what a homeopathic practitioner would use to treat insomnia. It should be further explained that the coffee would be prescribed in the most minute of proportions.

What homeopathy remedies are also concerned with is treating the patient and not simply the disease or the condition. This is why when someone goes to see a homeopathic practitioner for a consultation, it will take some time for a full patient history to be taken. The practitioner is interested in documenting all areas of a patient’s life from diet, to family medical history, personal medical history, mental background, allergies, exercise regime, everything! Only then can a full picture of how to treat the patient be reached.


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One of the homeopathy remedies for allergies that clearly indicates the like for like principle, on which all homeopathy is based, is the use of honey. Local honey is prescribed to beat allergies because in local honey can be found the exact geographical allergens that will trigger Hay Fever, for example. In exposing the body to these local allergens via the local honey, homeopathic practitioners believe that the body’s own immune system then has a basis on which to fight local allergies. It is this same belief that underlines the use of many vaccines that conventional medicines make use of: small pox, measles etc.

Homeopathy and conventional medicine though at times operating at different ends of the spectrum, do at times make use of the same ingredients. Take acne for instance, the recognized homeopathic remedy for acne is sulfur. Sulfur is often mixed with alcohol and salicylic acid to make an anti-bacterial paste that is applied to the skin. If you look closely at the tubes and boxes of conventional medical ointments for acne, that are available from your local pharmacy, you will see that the base ingredient of these ointments is sulfur.

The other great thing to remember about homeopathy remedies is that one of the main positives is that there are no side effects with using them. That means they are perfectly safe for young children, pregnant women and they can even be used in conjunction with many conventional medication.

So, do your research and find yourself a reputable homeopathic practitioner!

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