How to Protect Uour Child While Surfing Online

It is quite surprising to know that your child has more knowledge about the things that you do as a parent. Many of the children have become addicted to the computers and nearly all the schools have included computers as a subject. However, before letting the child use the internet, it is very important to let the child know about the wrong and the right usage of the internet service.

These rules can be discussed with all the family members and can be brought in use with everybody’s consent. How to protect your child when surfing online is not a difficult task.

The parents can easily implement some of the ideas that can solve the question of how to protect your child when surfing online. Encourage your children to share their experiences about the surfing of the internet. The parents can also participate in these kinds of activities with their children, which will also boost up the child’s confidence level. The children should be encouraged on listing to their conscience and if they do not feel right about something, they should inform it to you.


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Small tips on how to protect your child when surfing online will prove beneficial and will encourage your child about the right usage of this facility. Make him/her aware about the dangers of surfing online. It is the parent’s duty to teach the child about the basic etiquettes while chatting with other online people.

Inform them that they should be polite while chatting to others who are online. It is also important to tell them that copying other people’s work like music files or video files, is as bad as stealing things from a shop.

The most important thing to be remembered about how to protect your child when surfing online is that the child should be informed about not giving his/her personal details like name, school address, home address and even the contact numbers to any person they are chatting with.

Instead, they can use any nicknames while they are chatting with their online friends. They can be used to encouraged to use messenger services like the MSN Messenger where one can chat with the people they know.

It should be informed to the child that whatever is displayed on the internet is not always right and that the child should differentiate between the right and the wrong. The child should also be informed that internet is as real in life and that he/she should be careful while exchanging any information.

Throughout the process of how to protect your child when surfing online, parents of the child should monitor their child’s surfing activity and this can be one by installing the latest software’s which help do this job easily.


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