Ideas For Childrens Party Games

Any party, not just children’s parties, will likely be very boring without the fun entertainment and games that go with them. The main reason why kids attend parties is to be entertained.

Thus, you don’t have to worry too much about what types of food you’re serving and, instead, focus most of your attention and energies to making sure that you have exciting games and prizes lined up for the young guests.

The most common children’s party games include Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Hit the Pinata, and relay races. You can stick to this lineup, but you can also modify these games to fit your theme (if you have one) or to coincide with your child’s gender. For instance, if your child is a girl, you can modify Pin the Tail on the Donkey into Pin the Bow on the Princess, or whatever tickles your fancy.


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One party game raved about by young and old guests alike is Charades. For your young guests, you can have participants guess animals and objects by having one of them act out what the animals do, while the rest try to guess what animals they are.

The Pinata is a staple at almost any children’s party. To make your own Pinata, all you need is a paper grocery bag filled with all kinds of treats. Decorate the grocery bag with colorful paper and drawings or mold it in such a way that it resembles a particular animal or object (even a person or cartoon character).

Make sure that this game has enough adult supervision, though, because it involves the use of a stick (to hit the Pinata).

Ballon Burst. Gather the children in a circle and have them hold each other’s hands. Everyone begins to blow his own balloon at the signal of the birthday child. The circle widens and grows until they can no longer hold each other’s hands, until eventually the balloons pop and everyone is startled and laughing. This game is best for toddlers.

As mentioned earlier, no party would be complete without games. There are many game ideas you can choose from, so you’ll need to select wisely to fit your child’s particular interests. You can stick to the traditional methods of gaming or you can make modifications.

However which way you carry it out, always keep in mind that it’s for you child’s enjoyment on his or her big day.


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