International Organizations for Child Protection

Children, around the world are the defenseless group of the society. These innocent children are the sufferers of exploitation and violence as they are incapable to express themselves or defend themselves from the ill treatment.

Conflicts, discrimination or Poverty often takes away their education and home thus putting a limit on their future perspectives and daily life. In the year 1989, to improve this condition of the children one of the International organizations of Child Protection, named the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child took the initiative to provide services to such affected children.

This organization was constructed under the Declaration on Human Rights (1948) and under the agreements and international documents that excelled in the field of child protection. The rights of the children have also been a sensitive issue thus creating a necessity to clarify and correct them, to build as stronger binding force.


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This one of the focal International organizations of Child Protection that says any person under the age of 18 years, the vital members of the society, will be taken care of in a specific manner. It also says that even though the families of these children play a vital role in their development they are should not be treated as helpless objects of charity and that they are not the property of their parents.

These International organizations of Child Protection have set up certain levels for their medical care, social service and education thus requesting the protection of the special rights of children to help them attain their place in a peaceful and a safer world.
All governments have agreed to establish the necessary International organizations of Child Protection institutions for execution and supervising of the articles, as welfare of future of any community depends on child -care.
The main values of these International organizations of Child Protection are best interest of the child, non-discrimination, right to life, respect to child’s views, and survival and development. Special articles have been published that highlight children with minor and disable children, local populations and the requirements of the child refugees.

Childcare being the major concern of the society today, these institutions has surely taken a step forward to provide help to the affected children.


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